The most-played online games

Online casino Malaysia gaming is available on most platforms, the popular ones being personal computers, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles like the Play Station and Xbox. Although online gaming was developed in the 1970s, it became popular after the release of Valve Corporation’s Counter-Strike in 1999. Since then, the world of online gaming has seen regular updates, and better internet speed provided the players with smoother gameplay and no lag.

1) Counter-Strike

Developed in 1999 by ‘Valve Corporation’ which made games like Half-Life and Portal also produced the most prominent classic of all time, Counter-Strike. The game is based on a First-Person Shooter (FPS) format where players can choose to opt for the role of a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, commonly known as CT.  Players select their weapons and begin the game. It became famous because it allowed the players to be connected to a shared server and play with or against each other and became a sensation in the world of online gaming. The objectives of the game were to diffuse a bomb, save a hostage or eliminate all the opponents.


2) Minecraft

Mojang AB, a Swedish game developing company, came out with Minecraft in 2011 as an open-world game which allowed the players to alter, construct and destroy existing structures. The whole Minecraft world is in a 3D form made up of blocks; everything in the game is a block.  The idea of the game is to survive in a world where mobs will attack you like spiders, zombies, different types of creatures and other players. Players need to mine items like coal, iron ore, gold, diamond, red stone and other materials which help then to create a sustainable environment. Farming is also an essential element of the game ranging from fruits, vegetables and grains. The game is popular because of its simplicity and sophistication. Players have created exact replicas of historical structures, educational institutions, cities in popular fiction and models of their bedrooms, some genius made a computer with RAM within the game and powered it with Redstone.

3) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


In 2017, Bluehole Inc.’s subsidiary company PUBG Corporation came up with PUBG, a game based on a Japanese movie named Battle Royale (2000).  The idea is that a hundred players from different countries will board a plane and jump out with a parachute on an island where they will have to look for weapons in houses and airdrops. Players can use motorbikes, cars and boats to commute from one part of the island to another. With time the area of the island will keep shrinking, and players will be forced to come in contact so that they have to eliminate each other to win best Malaysia online casino. The last man standing wins the match, and the phrase ‘winner-winner chicken dinner is displayed on the screen.

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