Casinos with a long-standing history

Play live casino online singapore are spread all over the world ranging from small gambling houses to large and magnificent resorts. Most of the largest live casino singapores by size are situated in the USA and China since the countries are home to gambling hotspots like Vegas and Macau respectively.  Some of these casinos are made for the ones who are ready to spend without thinking. These casinos will offer premium hotel rooms, beautiful food, and gambling experience that you can’t miss. They provide you with a personal car, chauffeur, security and some comp off so that you keep visiting again and again. Let’s have a look at the largest casinos in the world.

Casino di Venezia

Technically the oldest casino in the world, Casino di Venezia was established in 1638 in Riddoto of San Moise. Although this institution said that it was open to all gamblers, in truth, it only facilitated the rich and the powerful. The high rates of wagers and compulsory dress code made it almost impossible for anyone but the top bureaucrats, politicians, business people, and highbrows to enter the premises. The high corruption and significant class divide forced the Casino to close down in 1774, and it was reopened in 1960 in a new location by the canal in Lido.

Casino di Venezia

Casino de Spa

Belgium saw the construction of the first casino in the city by the name of Casino de Spa in 1763. The building in its initial years was used as a significant public space for the nobility of Spa, Belgium. It consisted of theatres, hall rooms, ballroom, kitchen and casino itself. In 1918 a massive fire burned the establishment to the ground, after which it reopened in a few years after going through numerous renovations and re-structuring of the complex. In the early 2000s, the casino was taken over and operated by the Circus Casino Spa Group which modernised the casino without losing on its heritage and popular games.

Casino Wiesbaden

The first casino to be constructed in Germany, Casino Wiesbaden was a part of the very famous Kurhaus which was Wiesbaden’s convention centre, and all the elite and novelty gathered there for celebrations. Being the only one of its kind, Casino Wiesbaden became a popular spot for tourists, artists, businessmen and top-level government employees. The casino was constructed in 1834 and redesigned in the mid-1900s after the end of the world wars.

Casino Wiesbaden

Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo is a heritage sight in the city of Monaco, built in the mid-1800s, the casino was inaugurated in 1856 by Princess Caroline of Monaco. The Royal family saw the casino as a business investment which would take them out of all financial issues as and when they arise. In 2006, the James Bond movie Casino Royale was shot here.

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